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Man Jia Le Full House II

03 July 2008

I know I'm lagging behind in Korean drama serials (like, really behind) and as you would guess I'm only in the middle of Full House right now. So far the show has been good, the girls are pretty (heh) though I think the plot for Princess LuLu (go check it out on Crunchyroll if you don't want to get the DVD) is better.

Still, back to the real post on FOOD. Me and Daphne made a second trip to Central at Clarke Quay to have dinner at Full House. The last time we came we had their French Toast but it wasn't that good I felt. So we decided to give them another chance.

Crispy Chicken Cutlet with Rice: 4/10

I clarified that they don't have pork in this, but as much as it was a chicken cutlet, the side had pork in it and it kind of destroyed my appetite. I didn't touch the side at all of course, but I realised they deep fry everything together anyways, which means I'm pretty much not coming back here again unless if it's for drinks or dessert. I suppose the ones at Shihlin Taiwan Snacks are better since it's just chicken and tempura. Some of the stalls of Shihlin have already displayed "no pork, no lard" signs too.

Chicken Chop Gong Zai Mian: 7.5/10

Daphne enjoyed this, because she liked the noodles and the crispy chicken together. I was telling her how she will always have a penchant for instant noodles type of noodles.

Beefy Cheesy Fries: 7/10

As compared to Carl's Junior and Superdog, the beef cheese fries here is less thick and seems like a bit of a stew to me. It still tasted nice, but I prefer the ones at the fast-food restaurants.

Great Ultimate Yuan Yang: 8.5/10
Homemade Barley: 7/10

Pretty cool name for my iced drink, and it makes Daphne's barley pale in comparison haha. One of the best iced yuan yang I've tasted so far, though it shouldn't be taken frequently because it's really thick and sooooo sweet.

Can't anyone speak decent English here?

Close to $20 for everything.
$1.90 each for the small drinks.
$4.80 for the fries.

The Central B1-30
Clarke Quay

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