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Ichiban Boshi

21 July 2008

After my most satisfying lunch here during my MFA internship, I thought I should bring Daphne here for dinner. Since I was only aware of two branches, one in Great World City (where I had my lunch) and the other in Novena, we decided on Great World City since we have not gone there before in a long while. We were saying how our trouble of taking a bus down to Great World would seem a waste of time if there was actually a branch as near as Orchard (which, on checking once I got home - Orchard Centrepoint, and also Esplanade and Suntec City hahaha) but I needed to satisfy my Japanese food craving. I could almost taste the chicken katsu when we were on the bus I tell you haha.

Chicken Katsu Toji: 8.5/10

I love the chicken here because it is not too oily nor is it too soft/cold/moist and overwhelmed by the egg. It came on a hot pan still sizzling, and the gravy was so sweetly good. The crispy and tender chicken went well with the sweet soft plain Japanese rice, which you have to order as a side for $2. Well worth it I would say, and both went well together =)

Chicken Katsu Curry: 8.3/10

This is definitely one of the better Japanese curries that we've tasted, and it came out sweet, warm and definitely not burnt, as most others often taste. We liked this curry too because it was spicy (and not just sweet). Yums!

Potato Croquette: 8.3/10

Daphne liked this more than I did, probably because I felt the potatoes had a different taste than the ones that I am accustomed to. Still, it was very crispy on the outside but so soft and potato-ey on the inside, and we enjoyed it muchly heh.


$10.90 for the chicken katsu toji
$11.90 for the chicken katsu curry
$2.10 for the potato croquette
$2.00 for plain rice

exclusive of the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge

#B1-07 Great World City

Additional Comments
At least for the Great World City branch, this restaurant is merged with a small Japanese market that specialises in fish, sauces and sushi. I had to hold back myself from stuffing myself with inari (rice wrapped in beancurd skin), which I also personally enjoy.

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