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21 July 2008

There's definitely nothing to worry about our appetites, because it's sooo healthy, but somehow I think we're starting to get on a habit of having desserts (me especially), which simply blows away any chance of dieting for sure. After our dinner at Ichiban Boshi and a couple of hours of walking around, we needed somewhere to rest our feet. My eyes caught a promotion at Spinelli's, which was giving away a 50% discount for all its cakes and pastries because it was relocating to another place within the building. With such a good deal, how could we resist? Haha. And oh, stay tuned for more reviews on eating places at Great World City. I've seen quite a number of places that I would like to try, and I'm sure we'd be back here soon!

Classic Philly Cheesecake: 7.7/10

I have a friend who studies in the US, and he says that all the cheesecakes that he has tried in Singapore (including NYDC) cannot compare to those served in the US. Still, since I have not had the chance of travelling to the US, I guess I would have to settle for the local ones for the time being. This one in particular was good, very smooth, soft and moist. Daphne proposed a swap, but I said no HAHA.

Chocolate Chocolate Rumba: 7.5/10

Even for a chocolate lover like me, I'm not exactly a fan of the very chocolatey cakes because it gets difficult to hold down after a while. This chocolate cake was very rich as well, but it helps if you alternate between two cakes rather than keep going at it. You've got milk, dark and bitter chocolate lingering all around this cake, quite admirable.

Very friendly.

Classic Philly Cheesecake: $4.20
Chocolate Chocolate Rumba: $4.80

Since we had the 50% discount, ours went for $2.10 and $2.40 each yay!

Great World City
[new outlet will open at #01-07 from mid-August]

3 Foodie Comments:

daphne said...

Hi Harris! You dont know me but your "sweetest girl"-Daphne Koh and I attended the same secondary school. We share the same first name. Hopefully she remembers me-given that I was 2 yrs her senior (i think).

this probably goes to show what a small world this is. We connected via Foodbuzz first..and then when I saw your blog post and Daphne Koh's photo... my eyes nearly popped out. =)

It's good to find another fellow food blogger.

July 23, 2008 at 3:21 PM
Harris Chai said...

hi daphne!

i see you have a long list of foodie links on your blog too! and yes, such a small world, to think you know daphne too! i'll try to jolt her memory about you.

anyways, foodbuzz's asking me to join them as featured. from your blog it seems that there are benefits too! =)

take care and see you around!

July 23, 2008 at 4:31 PM
Daffy - Me Myself and I said...

hello daphne! :D sounds like i'm calling myself! and yes i do remember you! you're that very cheerful and sweet orientation leader when i first entered kcp! :D

cool to know u have a food blog too! :D keep in touch ya? :D

July 24, 2008 at 1:09 AM

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