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Clementi Food Centre

18 July 2008

I was part of the Communications and New Media Freshmen Camp (just accompanying Daphne as a councillor) this year and one of the camp activities was a small food hunt of three different places near NUS. The first place was Clementi Food Centre at Avenue 3, which is very much at the "central" part of Clementi and a few minutes walk from the MRT and bus interchange.

Chicken Rice: 3/10

To be honest, my orientation group (OG) was not sure if we had gotten the supposedly recommended chicken rice shop correct. The vote was unanimous that the chicken rice wasn't good at all, and even a hungry group of seven could not finish a mere two plates of it. The beansprouts made the few slices of chicken look even more unappetising too. Oh and about service, terrible. Daphne was quite annoyed by their arrogant behaviour.

Price: $2.80
Place: Heng Huat Hainanese Chicken Rice

Goreng Pisang: 8.7/10

"Goreng Pisang" is Malay for fried banana. Fresh bananas are usually dipped in flour and deepfried in hot oil for a very hot, crispy golden outer layer while keeping the bananas soft and sweet inside. This stall has it's goreng pisang done close to perfection and it's cheap too! Oooh yummy! =)

Price: $0.80
Place: Clementi Goreng Pisang (shares its stall with a fruit juice place called "Snow Mount")

448 Clementi Avenue 3

2 Foodie Comments:

Kim said...

Dude, you guys went to the wrong place. Does that explain it now? haha. Although I'm not too sure where the place is either, cos when I went there I was super tired (last day of CNM camp!) and basically I followed Jackson around. I think it's somewhere near the Thaksin beef noodles though, since he was happily eating that!

July 22, 2008 at 9:28 AM
Kim said...

Oh and get a tagboard. :D

July 22, 2008 at 9:30 AM

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