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07 July 2008

Me and Daphne wanted to munch on something and we discovered a gem of a dessert at the Suntec City basement. This stall has been around for quite some time already and I remember reading about it in some food blogs quite a number of times, with very good reviews. I kept forgetting about it though, so it was just nice that we were walking around and chanced upon this place. Seeing my excitement, Daphne was well, excited too haha. Foodies!

Taiwanese Egg Tart: 8/10
Melting Chocolate Egg Tart: 8.5/10
Mushroom Chicken Egg Tart: 8.5/10

If you're wondering, the original egg tarts are on the top two, the melting chocolate on the bottom left, and the mushroom chicken on the bottom right!

My my, blogging about these egg tarts are already making me feel the softness oozing about in my mouth. I like the melting chocolate tart the best, because it has chocolate bits on the top and those inside are nicely melted. The mushroom chicken, which Daphne had and kept feeding me, was very unique and had the taste of a chicken pie filling but wonderfully mixed with the soft eggs.

Unlike the usual egg tarts which are flatter and broader, these were shaped like cups with a much thicker crust and much much much softer egg filling. It's so soft I kept shaking it and watching it vibrate like some jelly gooey. Really smooth and good stuff, everyone should try this!


$1.40 for each.
Buy 11 Get 1 Free.
Discounts for 6 pieces and above.

Suntec City Mall
Tower 3, #01-140F
Opposite BCH and Singapore Pools.

Additional Comment
No pork, no lard.

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