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Fisherios Fish N Chips

24 July 2008

We wanted to try out something at the Bugis Junction basement, and it came down to Fisherios and Uncle's Kitchen, fish and chips against asian food. As much as I was more in favour of Uncle's Kitchen, Daphne spotted that the cook didn't wear gloves and was handling the food with his bare hands. So we decided to give Fisherios our first visit instead.

Fisherios serves its food wrapped up like a baby, and is easy for takeaways. There's not many seats available but it wasn't difficult finding one. To be fair I doubt it's about food quality, because watching the crowd, I realise it's often more of people trying to escape the crowd (coming especially from the MRT) by heading up to the upper levels rather than lingering around to see the food.

Tex Mex Chicken and Breaded Fish Fillet: 6.3/10

This was a promotional set that had both the chicken and the fish, perfect for someone who can't decide but wanted to try both anyway. Although the chicken marinate was not too bad, the problem was that it was too oily, and it even had a small pool of oil below it! The fries were alright, but the fish was terribly ordinary. It's the same type of breaded fish fillet that you could find at heartland shops and food courts.

Breaded Fish Fillet: 6/10

For the price, it really was not worth paying $6.90 for two small slices of fish fillet that could be gotten for cheaper elsewhere.

On close-up, you can see that it does have a crispy outer layer covering white tender meat.

On an even closer look however, you can see the fish glistening in oil. The fish is fresh yes, but the oil was the problem.

Friendly, though can be a tad persistent. The indian waiter kept trying to use chinese like "ta pow" (takeaway) and "xie xie" (thank you), which I found amusing.

$9.90 for the Tex Mex Chicken and Breaded Fish Fillet,
$6.90 for the Breaded Fish Fillet.

Daphne also added $2.90 for a drink and a salad, the latter of which she found fair and ordinary. The portion was quite small.

And here's the menu, just in case you're thinking of dropping by. You might like to try their beer battered fish fillet, which certainly looks more promising.

#B1-K15 Bugis Junction

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