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Zhou's Kitchen

21 July 2008

Started by the popular Tung Lok Group, Zhou's Kitchen has seen a steady expansion across the island city and has branches at Far East Square, Anchorpoint and Novena Square 2. Undoubtedly a mid-end range chain as compared to My Humble House, Club Chinois or the seafood haven in Tung Lok Seafood, Zhou's Kitchen was meant to target families as well as those with a smaller budget.

Me and Daphne were actually on an even smaller bufget for lunch to nurse our already battered wallets, but somehow the pictures in the menu outside Zhou's Kitchen did look appetising. With the alternative in the Fork & Spoon foodcourt on the upper level of Square 2, we both thought we'd just have to dig a little deeper into our wallets, again. This is the state of students who don't work during their three-month long holidays as it is.

Prawn Crackers

This is an appetiser served at every table, and us hungry people munched happily away. We thought it was cool to see that it was more than expected, until we realised that it wasn't free and costs us $3.

Braised E-Fu Noodles: 7.7/10

I think braised e-fu noodles is like a staple during ten course dinner events, though me and Daphne do wonder why it's often served at the end rather than at the start. The noodles here is not too bad, and managed to strike a balance by not being too dry nor too wet. Limited ingredients however, just a few mushrooms here and there, making this more like a vegetarian dish. The portion is fairly large though, which is good.

Teowchew Mian Xian Noodles: 6.7/10

It looked good on the menu, and has more ingredients than mine like chinese sausages and meat. Daphne however found it a bit too salty for her liking, and with a large portion, then found it too much as well.

Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimps and Chives: 8/10

This was delightful, fried to a crisp with tasty shrimp fillings. Zhou's Kitchen has quite a lot to offer on the dim sum menu but we didn't want to overeat. This was good enough for us, a most valuable side dish to add taste to our noodles.

Very prompt.

$3.00 for prawn crackers
$8.00 for braised e-fu noodles
$8.00 for teowchew mianxian noodles
$3.80 for fried beancurd skin roll with shrimps and chives

#01-73 Novena Square 2

Additional Comments
1. Vegetarian dishes served.
2. High Tea Dim Sum buffet offered.

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