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TSC by Tong Shui Cafe III

12 July 2008

My sister insisted on going back to Changi Airport for TSC because she likes the noodles here, and somehow or another most of us ordered almost the same thing when we came back this time round. Daphne, as she too realised, ordered the same dish three times in a row. So much for the extensive menu! Our past visits, in case you're curious, can be found in the "Changi Airport" labels.

(517) Fried Rice with SzeChuan Sauce Chicken: 5/10

You can say this was a marked difference from the last time I came here. As much as the SzeChuan sauce was minisculously different from the BBQ sauce I had previously (which should be a matter of concern), the chicken was terribly overfried that it made chewing a tiring chore, and the rice didn't taste like it was newly cooked. The mixed vegetables were horrid. The egg wasn't fried properly, much of the white was still runny. The sauce saved the rice, only just.

(372) HK Dried Noodles - Sunset Egg and Shrimp Wanton: 8/10

Daphne's consistent favourite. The crunch of the crispy wanton will always be there, much to her satisfaction.

(371) HK Dried Noodles - Sunset Egg and Chicken Chop: 7/10

The sisters' (yes, both of them) consistent favourite. The only problem between now and then is the chicken chop, because this time round it was far too oily for my liking. I can say for sure because my sister couldn't finish hers and naturally turned to me to finish it up, but it was so oily (and at many parts, dry from overcooking) that I could only allow a single bite.

Chee Cheong Fun with Sunset Egg and Luncheon Meat: 6.5/10

My dad and his chee cheong fun. Pretty ordinary if you ask me. For those of you who aren't too sure what "chee cheong fun" is, its basically rice flour with a sauce that contains, among other things, soya sauce and vinegar (at least that's what I gather). It's called "chee cheong" because it looks like pig's intestines (??!!) and "fun" because it means rice (in Cantonese probably). Anyone would like to confirm or correct this?

(295) Chicken Lor Mai Kai: 7.3/10

"Lor mai kai" (in Cantonese again) is actually glutinous rice with chicken, and this one from TSC in particular was not too bad. Never mind the stray plant used to adorn this otherwise typically cheap and common food, in a bid probably to make it look like some runaway French delicacy of sorts.

(277) Stuffed Yu Char Kueh with Black Pepper Sauce: 6/10

Whilst the TSC menu spells it as such, the more common spellings would be (in different dialects) "you tiao" or "you char kway". It refers to deep-fried dough popular in Chinese cuisines (especially breakfast) and here in the picture above, is stuffed with what I would think to be squid paste. Very ordinary stuff, and the black pepper sauce seemed out of place. Stuffed you char kway is more frequently served with mayo!

(460) Fish Steak in BBQ Sauce with Rice: 7.5/10

My mum thought this was alright. Me and Daphne, who had a bit of the fish, found it really fresh and evenly fried, as compared to my dry chicken drumstick.

(255) Thick Toast - Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk: 8/10

Since my mum did not eat much of the rice provided alongside the fish, she had room for thick toast, which she shared with my lil sister as well. As usual, I was given a forkful, and I thought this toast has continued to maintain its standard of nicely toasted bread (not too burnt, charred or dry) with a fattening glaze of peanut butter and condensed milk. It's yummy.

(155) Sago Mango and Strawberry with Ice-Cream: 5/10

This was the unique and surprise dish of the day. I suppose all of us misread the menu and took it to be something like sago mango with strawberry ice-cream. My dad expected something like a cold Chinese dessert, and we were laughing when this was served to us. It's a bit too many flavours to deal with and thus the mix wasn't entirely there.

(111) Beancurd Sheet with Gingko Barley: 8/10

This is Daphne's all-time favourite dessert, and she would almost always eat this if she has to choose from local desserts. Cute thing is that while this dessert is more commonly known as barley with gingko nut, she doesn't want the nuts in them. So I always have to order "barley with gingko nut, without the gingko nut" just so the person gets what dessert I'm referring to. This one by TSC was pretty good, came with a tiny almond cookie as well, and Daphne felt that this was even better than the one I bought for her a couple days back from Toa Payoh Central, in a dessert stall that prides itself to be from Amoy Street honour.

More attentive than the last few times that we came here. Friendly too. The crowd began coming in only after 8.30pm, probably for supper or light snacks.

(517) Fried Rice with SzeChuan Sauce Chicken: $9.88
(372) HK Dried Noodles - Sunset Egg and Shrimp Wanton: $6.88
(371) HK Dried Noodles - Sunset Egg and Chicken Chop: $8.88
(295) Chicken Lor Mai Kai: $4.88
(277) Stuffed Yu Char Kueh with Black Pepper Sauce: $4.88
(460) Fish Steak in BBQ Sauce with Rice: $8.88
(255) Thick Toast - Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk: $3.88
(155) Sago Mango and Strawberry with Ice-Cream: $5.38
(111) Beancurd Sheet with Gingko Barley: $3.38

Usual 10% service charge and prevailing gst rates apply.

Changi Airport Terminal 2
Viewing Mall, Level 3

Additional Comments
1. Halal-certified, but the only Tong Shui Cafe branch that is.
2. Open 24 hours.

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hi, don't think they have this anymore.. do you know if they have moved somewhere? :(

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