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30 August 2008

It was after an uneventful clubbing party that me and Daphne found ourselves going round and round the eastern part of Singapore, thinking of a good place for supper. I initially wanted to go to Noor Jannah's to try their "bone steak hor fun", but we got lost and ended up travelling along the (unsavoury) part of Geylang. Somehow or another, I reached Kembangan eventually, Noor Jannah's was there but it was closed! We settled for Irfan's, which was next to it, for supper.

Kambing Soup: 8/10

This was good, even Daphne who doesn't really fancy mutton soup kinda liked it. Served hot, lots of mutton pieces and very aromatic.

Egg Prata: 6/10

Very ordinary, nothing to shout about.

Coin Prata: 8/10

Now, I found this to be quite interesting, mini pratas but much thicker (and more buttery) than the usual roti pratas. Very crisp on the outside, and soft on the inside. I think I will be on the lookout for more coin pratas now haha.


$4.00 for the mutton soup
$1.20 for the egg prata
$3.00 for six coin pratas

459 Changi Road
Near Kembangan MRT Station

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Open 24 Hours.

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