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Lerk Thai

14 August 2008

The relatively new Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' canteen has an added upper deck that is air-conditioned and features three restaurants - Burger King, Lerk Thai and Olio Dome. Me and Daphne came here for lunch during one of the freshmen orientation camps because the group wanted to get some time away from the heat and humidity outside.

Fried Kway Teow with Beef: 7.4/10

This is my usual order at any Lerk Thai outlet, much because I think this is one of the better ones on offer as compared to the rest. Mixed with dried chilli, this noodles is both sweet and awesomely spicy at the same time, which I like. Never mind the fact that I needed another cup of drink haha.

Olive Fried Rice: 3/10

Daphne ordered this because she liked the way it tasted the last time she had it. Somehow or another, six months had changed the taste of this dish, because she found it terribly bland and dry. Though hungry, she couldn't get past half the rice.


About $4.50 for each.

NUS Arts Canteen "The Deck", Level Two.

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