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Uno Beef House

30 August 2008

Daphne had told me about this place some time ago, about how this is one of the better "coffeeshop"-type of Western food at the heartlands, with roughly the same prices. The reviews online were fairly good, so we decided to drop by here for dinner.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop: 7.3/10

The chicken chop wasn't all too bad, it managed to distance itself a tiny bit from the usual heartland fare because of the tender chicken meat, but the black pepper sauce was more sweet than spicy.

The chicken chop doesn't come with fries, but I was glad that they were fine with substituting the coleslaw and beans with fries (some stalls refuse to do this, and will charge you the same price even without the sides - like the Tenderfresh Western stall at Clementi, in between NTUC and the Clementi Book Shop). The good thing is that Uno has this fried potato ball, which is really fried mashed potato with a buttery taste. While the outside is crisp and fairly hard, the inside is simply soft and smooth. So yummy I ordered more of this haha.

Fish and Chips: 7/10

In Singapore, the heartland, suburban Western food favourite is either chicken chop or fish and chips. Many have said that you can't exactly find this sort of Western food anywhere else, which gives it a very "made-in-Singapore" feel to it. The fish and chips I felt was nothing impressive, but the fish itself was very fresh.

Friendly. This is really two coffeeshop stalls (one Chinese seafood, the other Uno) sharing the area, and they will serve to you the food after you've ordered.

$5.50 for each main course
$0.70 for a fried potato ball.

51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #01-60
Also: 19A Dover Crescent #01-05 Jumbo Coffee Hub

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