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Marvelous Cream

14 August 2008

The first thing that I thought to myself, other than being attracted to the bright decor (purple is not a favourite colour though), was, "Eh, is the spelling correct?" A check on revealed that it could be spelt either way - with a single or a double "l" (the former meant for American spelling and the latter being the British way). Then again, this shop claims to be a "French Sweets Parfait" place, so they should have used something more distinct, like merveilleux, no?

(18) Chocolate Sienne: 6/10

Belgium chocolate ice-cream mixed with brownie bits, chocolate chips and "Koo Belcher" chocolate. Topped with chocolate fudge. Simply chocolatey all around - soft, crunchy, hard, smooth, cold, haha! But to be honest, the chocolate(s) was all a bit too overwhelming, after a couple of spoonfuls me and Daphne felt that there wasn't a discernible taste any longer, probably because everything just tasted the same!

Marvelous Cream uses the "cold rock" style of mixing the ice-cream with the various ingredients before serving in a cup, waffle cone or waffle bowl. I guess I was being a bit too cheeky to add on to the chocolate level by choosing the chocolate waffle bowl, but at least I felt the waffle saved the ice-cream a bit.

Good, quite friendly.

$6.20 (regular size)
Additional $1.50 for the chocolate waffle bowl.

#B1-04 CityLink Mall,
One Raffles Link

Additional Comment
Try the parfait. Our friend did and he enjoyed it a lot =)

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