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Swensen's Restaurant

23 August 2008

Daphne's family was going to have a small celebration one week in advance of her sister's birthday, and they settled on Swensen's at Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre, much because it was nearby and therefore convenient. Naturally, I was invited. Of course, I wasn't taking pictures of everyone's food (I didn't want to scare her parents) but we did manage a few.

Soup of the Day: 3/10

The few of us who had the soup had little idea what this was, it tasted like a cross between corn and pumpkin. I don't think it was good at all, tasted very much like it was straight out of a can.

Calamari Rings: 6.7/10

The calamari rings were alright, but it would have been better if they were more crispy. These on the other hand were a tad soft.

Swensen's Fries: 8/10

Our usual order at Swensen's. Besides, you get this at a dollar off if you're ordering ice-cream, which we did. Very potatoey, served hot, and had the nice soft crunch fries are supposed to have. I simply loved dipping it into the tartar sauce.

Golden US Turkey: 7.7/10

I found this to be pretty good, tender turkey meat with a nice batter cooked to golden brown on the outside. The spicy fries were good stuff too. This is part of Swensen's August promotion (hurry 8 days left!) and you could check it out at this page.

Creamy Cheese US Chicken

Another one from the promotional menu. Daphne had this, and to me it looked quite good, only that she said it wasn't exactly so. Ovenbaked boneless chicken leg with cheese over it, but she felt it was just alright. She also commented that the mashed potato was lacking in taste.

BBQ US Chicken

Daphne's mum had this, and it's also from the August "poultry" promotion haha. She said it was quite good.

Chicken Baked Rice

Swensen's claims this to be one of their all-time favourite dishes. I'm not too sure myself. Her cousin Celene had this, and she insisted she prefers the ones served at NYDC. I told her that their standards can be pretty inconsistent, like the one here.

Banana Crumble

I only had a bite or two of this which the sisters were sharing, and I felt that while the vanilla ice-cream went very well with the yummy butterscotch sauce, the banana crumble though was awesomely filling. It was very rich.

Good and friendly. Frequently filled our glasses with ice water, a dying trend nowadays.

The main courses from the August promotion cost around $16.90, and comes with a soup and drink.

Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre
Lorong 6, Level 2

Additional Comment
For those who don't know by now, Swensen's is certified Halal.

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