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Streets Cafe and Restaurant II

23 August 2008

Following our pretty good experience at Streets the last time round at IMM, me and Daphne decided to have lunch here again, though this time it was at the Raffles City Shopping Centre branch.

Chicken Curry with Rice: 7.7/10

I like to eat curries at Hong Kong cafes, especially the one at Xin Wang, and I thought I should give this a try too. It turned out to be not too bad as well, but this curry seems to be closer to a laksa sort of taste, despite seemingly having more coconut. It still didn't stop me slurping the gravy up because I liked the hint of spiciness it had. It would have been good if there were more potatoes.

Macau Fried Rice with Chicken Chop: 7.4/10

Daphne thought this was good, even if she had her initial doubts about ketchup-flavoured rice. The chicken chop (and its gravy) added welcomed flavour to the rice.

Fried Beancurd Skin with Prawns: 5.5/10

Doesn't look exactly that appetising, does it? We really felt that the ones at Zhou's Kitchen are so much better - warmer and crispier definitely. This one we had had some dubious-looking meat filling in them, so not being sure if it was pork or not, I didn't go for further bites. We both thought it would be packed with prawns like the one at Zhou's.

Yes, this is a Chinese eatery. But I can't speak Mandarin well enough and it seems that they insist on you trying to do everything under the sun in Mandarin. At least Daphne was around to help, as she always does in instances like this.

$5.80 for the chicken curry,
$7.80 for the macau fried rice with chicken chop,
About $4 for the fried beancurd skin with prawns.

Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-44C
Also: IMM Building #01-126

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