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V8 Cafe

30 August 2008

V8 Cafe is one of my favourite places for dinner at Bugis, though I realised that it has been close to eight months since I've last eaten here. If I remember correctly, V8 Cafe came about from a video shop that had outlets in Bugis as well as (the old) Marina Square. The videos have since gone, but the cafe has been standing for a very long while. The food's good, and the price is good too. So good, it has been unchanged for close to a year.

Garlic Bread: 6.5/10

Very crispy like a biscuit, but the full garlic taste was lacking.

Grilled Chicken Chop: 7.6/10

The chicken chop may not be as tender as Astons, but the mushroom gravy was really yummy. I like the way the chicken was cooked, crisp on some sides but soft overall.

Oriental Fried Rice: 7.3/10

The fried rice was pretty much okay, the fried chicken tasted good as well. I don't like the mixed vegetables though, but it's a very personal thing. I think mixed vegetables are the worst things ever created in food history, there I finally said it!

Attentive, friendly and polite.

$1.80 for the garlic bread
$10.80 for the grilled chicken chop
$8.80 for the fried rice
[all main courses come with a complimentary soup]

The usual 7% GST and 10% service charge apply.

#03-29/29A Bugis Junction

Additional Comment

1. As the picture above shows, there's a tea break special on weekdays.
2. 15% discount for Safra card members.

1 Foodie Comments:

Maze Oon said...

I was on a business trip in Singapore. It was a rare occasion for me to have time to catch up with my friends. We met up for dinner at V8 Bugis. However it was ruined by bad service offered by the establishment.

December 6, 2011 at 5:26 PM

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