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Adam Road Food Centre II

07 September 2008

Me and Daphne were in the area, so we decided to have dinner at Adam Road Food Centre. The seats were filling up fast, and since there was this gentleman who got a table cleaned for us, I felt obliged to buy from his stall. It was a good thing that he came from the very stall that I wanted to try the fried noodles from, since my mum had a pretty good bee hoon goreng in our previous visit.

Kway Teow Goreng: 7/10

For our foreigner friends, "goreng" is really the Malay word for "fried", so what we have here is fried kway teow. "Kway teow" is flat rice noodles that's pretty popular here in the Southeast Asian region. The fried noodles from this stall was not too bad, but the bee hoon option seems much better. The noodles weren't too oily nor spicy. I didn't like the vegetables much, some tasted a tad raw, but then again, I'm biased against vegetables haha. Daphne had this too and found it alright.

Roti John (Chicken): 5.5/10

When Daphne asked for chicken instead of mutton, I stared at her for a while and it took me quite a while to register that she really did ask for chicken. I've never imagined roti john with anything else than mutton. Roti john is like a murtabak, only that you have it on a french loaf instead. If you're wondering what's in a name, it seems that this pan-fried bread was created initially for expatriates, and since many Caucasians were colloquially and affectionately referred to as 'John' in Malay (especially in colonial times I would suppose), the John bread ("roti") was born.

But to have chunks of chicken instead of the usual minced mutton filling was odd to say the least. It didn't taste as nice and since there were only a few chunks of chicken, much of the bread was plain except for the bits of egg. I'm sure mutton Roti John would have tasted better.

Good, and there wasn't any touting.

$3.50 each.

Adam Road Food Centre
Located at the junction of Dunearn Road and Adam Road,
Near Serene Centre.

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