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Popeye's Chicken & Biscuit

21 September 2008

It might come as a surprise, but this was my first time eating Popeye's! I heard a lot about it, even more after they opened another branch at the Singapore Flyer and more of my friends were getting a taste of what's on offer.

Everyone will, needless to say, compare this to KFC. Daphne's sister mentioned before that the chicken used at KFC is frozen, while the ones from Popeye's aren't, hence explaining why the latter taste better. I'm not sure how much of this is true, but after what I had, I think I would stick to my KFC. Why?

Two Piece Chicken Set: 7/10 (Fries: 8/10)

I usually order two chicken thighs at KFC, so it was no different for Popeye's. What was different though was that you're expected to pay $0.50 more for it. Fine, but then when I was peering over at another friend's drumstick, it somehow actually looked larger. The chicken pieces here are at times smaller than those from KFC.

The biscuit too seems like much ado about nothing, it was lukewarm, tasted a bit salty and plain, and adding the jam only added a bit more taste. I heard KFC was trying to roll out biscuits at some of its outlets too, but if the people from KFC are hearing this, please try to ensure consistency across your branches and you'll do better.

Popeye's saving grace comes in its sides - the mashed potato and fries. The mashed potato had more taste than KFC's, and as you can tell from the look of the fries, it's the same thing, added taste with the added spice. I didn't want the coleslaw, so they gave me an extra serving of fries. Good call.

Fast-food type. Quick.

2 Piece Chicken Combo Meal: $6.90
Change to double thigh meat: $0.50
Upsize: $1.00

Changi Airport Terminal 3 (T3) #B2-LF1
Also: Singapore Flyer

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