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Cottage Waffle Place

14 September 2008

It was a very very long time ago, but I first tried these waffles at a bazaar held in NUS and really liked what I had. This was the venue for our dessert after a pretty satisfying meal at Streets Cafe down at Raffles City, and just smelling the baked waffles made me (us) all hungry again!

Located at the corner of a newly renovated section of Suntec City, Cottage Waffle Place is one place you should go for a cosy dessert with your friends, and it's especially good if you don't want anything too pricey. The seats are pretty comfy, and you often find couples sharing a couple chocolate fondue ($15.90) or two, if not a small group of friends like us trying out different waffles. The walls are adorned with Post-Its from thier customers, some complimenting the waffles, others just complimenting themselves (and the occasional misplaced declaration of love).

There's quite a range in this little place. You can have Waffle-wiches, which are waffles with fillings like kaya, chocolate, durian, caramel, marshmallows, maple honey, bacon bits, ham and cheese etc etc. You can also choose to have ice-cream fillings, and if you ask me, pretty good ice-cream too, since it comes from Buds.

Cottage Ice-Cream Waffle: 8/10

Same waffles, different lighting haha. Daphne said 7.5, but I'd give it an 8. I really like the waffles here because they're very crisp on the outside but soft on the inside, my favourite yin-yang combination as it is for almost any and every food I realised haha. I like it to go a little browner than usual for that extra crisp, though if you don't like it this way, you could always request it to be less crisp I guess. Daphne wanted to have the "Triple Chocolate" flavour for the ice-cream, which went very well with the waffles.

Maple Syrup Waffle-Wich: 7.5/10

I know Daphne likes her sweet maple syrup, especially with her french toast, so I ordered this as well for us to share. Same type of waffles, only now sweeter with the maple syrup.

Rocky Road Waffle-Wich

I have an issue with food names that have the word: Rocky Road. For the more superstitious, or those with selective superstitions, rocky road doesn't sound exactly blissful you know, kinda like, "the rocky road ahead". So eventhough there's an ice-cream flavour out there called "rocky road", and this waffle-wich which sounded so inviting on the menu, I stay away from them. I'm not weird, just selectively superstitious. Okay, perhaps that's weird.

Let's not digress. The Rocky Road waffle-wich has chocolate syrup, nuts and marshmallow. If this does not seem inviting enough, I don't know what else does.

Very friendly and approachable. I spoke to them for a while about how I first got to know them from their stall in NUS, and asked whatever happened to their intended venture in school. Turns out they got the green light much more easily from SMU (which they have a stall there now) than NUS, and I so hope they will set up camp soon.

$5.50 if you get a waffle-wich set (includes a drink)
$2.50 for a waffle-wich
$5.90 for ice-cream waffle

Suntec City Centre #03-025G
Near Toys 'R' Us and Wang Jiao Coffee

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