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07 September 2008

After reading about this place on a fellow foodie's blog, and after passing it on the way to school, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I'm here to give the food a try. The opportunity came on a Friday evening when both me and Daphne were too hungry to travel much for dinner, and e. Black Board came to my mind at once. I was having a craving for beef as well, so yes, burger for me!

Black Board Burger: 8/10

This high score is especially for those who love hand-formed beef patties, and this is ultimately one thick beef patty trust me. It's so thick that your knife has to go some way to get to the bottom. And it's tenderly soft too oh yummy. Daphne didn't quite like it though, she isn't much of a beef fan, while I simply loved it haha.

Here's a closer look at the patty, it's minced beef alright. Good stuff. The bread was nicely toasted too, with a hint of butter. I ate them all separately though, since it was too thick a burger to fit in my mouth!

Cajun Chicken: 7.5/10

This was a rating that I felt was too high, but Daphne really liked it and felt it was justification enough. The chicken reminds me of those from Astons, tender and nicely marinated. There wasn't much of a cajun taste though, which explains why I was hesitant if it deserves an 8. The spicy "Tuscan" fries here aren't spicy at all, the ones at Botak Jones is much better in this case. I also saw quite a few people tucking in into fried chicken wings, looks damn good hahaha.

As it is, it's the Chinese revolution where you've got to have a working knowledge of the Chinese language just so you could order food in Singapore. It's frustrating, because the foreign workers would just give you a blank stare every single time you try to modify your order, even if it means no coleslaw and fries, and end up mixing things up (if you realise from my burger, it was no beans replaced by mashed potato, and the coleslaw remained). Still, the staff were all smiles trying to please.

$7.50 for the e. Black Board Burger (additional $0.50 for the egg)
$6.50 for the cajun chicken

We also ordered a basket of french fries for $2.50, and it was well worth it given the large portion. Served hot too, delightful.

And oh, they gave us a 10% discount, and I have little idea why. Maybe it's some student discount.

San Po Food Court
Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3

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