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Tiffany Cafe and Restaurant @ Furama City Centre

14 September 2008

It seems that the Safra card (in new design and style) is getting better indeed. This month, it has a 1-for-1 promotion for dinner at Tiffany Cafe and Restaurant, which is held in conjunction with the fasting month. Of course, this promotion is not just open to Muslim customers but to anyone who has room for buffet! I persuaded my family to take me and Daphne there, eventhough my parents just had buffet from Carousel barely a week ago (their favourite buffet place, almost at least twice a month). Since none of us have been to Furama before, we thought it was worth a try.

Furama City Centre isn't exactly a very large hotel, but the setting in Tiffany is pretty good. You can choose to sit on the inside of the restuarant, or on the outside, just beside the hotel lobby. I learnt that Tiffany is also one of the three main Halal hotel buffets in Singapore, the other two being Carousel from Royal Plaza on Scotts and Straits Kitchen in Hyatt. Pretty good stuff all.

The Food

Admittedly the spread of food isn't that large (Sakura International Buffet Restaurant has at least twice the variety), but Tiffany fantastically makes up for the lack of range with good quality and great tasting food. The ambience is also very cosy, serene and comfortable. We couldn't take pictures of everything, partly also because we were busy eating so happily, but here's just some of the food on offer:

* Salad
* Fried Japanese Udon
* Mee Siam
* Pasta
* Fried Potatoes
* Butterfish in Cream Sauce
* Teriyaki Chicken
* Chilli Crab
* Beef Goulash
* Salmon in Cheese Cream Puff
* Sashimi
* Cold Crab, Oysters and Prawns
* Cereal Prawns
* Chocolate Fondue
* Ice-Cream etc etc.

There's really a lot more, just that I didn't quite remember their actual menu names. But trust me, the food here is really pretty good. As an overall rating, I would give Tiffany a comfortable 8.3/10.

Buffets can bring out the best and worst out of people sometimes. The best being those who can show they are able to push their bodies beyond the limit and get everything in and down haha. The worst though, are those irritating ones who pile their plates, and more so, those who select the food for a long time. There was this middle-aged man who spent 15mins digging the chilli crab dish, and grabbing all the biggest pincers he could find. I was the next in queue, the chef had just refilled the dish, and I thought I could get one pincer since it was the easiest to eat. Turned out Mr Greedy had taken at least nine large pincers at a go, leaving one tiny one for me, if it was intentional at all. Because when he reluctantly placed the thong down (he couldn't even pass it to me), he stayed there and surveyed me going through the remaining parts. I had wanted to poke his eyes actually, but stifled that thought within me. What to do, what to do haha.

Service here is good. They're very attentive with cleaning up your plates, refilling your glasses of water, and refilling dishes that you particularly want them to refill. Very polite and smiley people too.

Safra promotion 1-for-1 for Ramadan buffet dinner

60 Eu Tong Sen Street
2/F Furama City Centre

Additional Comment
Certified Halal.

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