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21 September 2008

I'm not as adventurous as I usually am with food when I'm school. I usually follow a boring routine because it saves me the trouble to mull over what to eat, and all I have to do is walk to that same couple of stalls over and over again.

Chicken Cutlet

I eat this half the time, much because the queue is short and quick, and the food isn't as cold as the other places. My friend Helen says I may just die of heart attack *touchwood* if I eat this every day ha. I love it because it's crispy really, and it goes very well with the chicken chop gravy that I request all the time.

Price: $2.60 (add $0.40 for egg)
Place: NUS The Deck

Laksa Yong Tau Foo

Although this is a picture of Daphne's yong tau foo in laksa gravy (you will never see much, or any, green in my yong tau foo trust me), laksa is usually my preferred choice if I were to eat from this stall. But I don't usually eat here because it's very filling, and I will probably end up sleeping in class heh. This stall is probably the most popular.

Price: $1.80 (6pieces), $0.50 for gravy, $0.30 for noodles
Place: NUS The Deck

Katsu Toji Don

This is the chicken teriyaki set from the Japanese stall from the canteen. Very popular amongst students also. Off late the chicken had gotten a bit too oily, but it's still edible.

Price: $4.50
Place: NUS The Deck

Fried Chicken Set / Grilled Chicken Set

This is NUS' answer to Riverside Indonesian Restaurant from Plaza Singapura. Voted one of the best stalls too, with Channel U and Felicia Chin gracing their walls with celebrity pictures. The chicken somehow got reduced in size after the holidays, and a bit too oily for my liking. But good stuff nonetheless, especially for the price you pay.

Price: $3.00 (add $0.40 for extra egg, $0.50 for veg)
Place: NUS Techno Edge

Instant Noodles

And when you get bored of everything, you resort to bringing instant noodles! Indo Mie's "instant mi goreng" is the best! Heh ;)

It's the mid-term break now, or "recess week" as some others would call it. Hopefully I can take some time off to eat some real yummy food!

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