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Marvelous Cream II

08 November 2008

I was spoilt for choice. I was contemplating not between, but among, Cottage Waffle Place, Max Brenner's, Marvelous Cream, Andersen's Ice-Cream and even Ben & Jerry's (where Camyy might have been working the shift). Somehow or another, I ended up at Marvelous Cream, and I wanted to give it a second chance anyway, following my not-so-impressed first-time there (see link above).

I've heard more rave reviews about the parfaits than the cold-rocked ice-cream, maybe those are more worth the try. So what did I have?

(26) Caramel Nut Cappucinno: 4/10

HAHA. I think the thing about Marvelous Cream is that you've got to order a Large sized ice-cream just so your waffle bowl will not look so pathetic. Previously I had a Medium size, this time since Daphne did not want any, I got a junior. And see that?! A tiny sludge of... stuff.

As the name suggests, my ice-cream was made up of cappucinno ice-cream (I think they call it masala espresso something like that, I was a tad concerned it would turn out to be like those masalas at Indian restaurants), caramel sauce, whipped cream (horrors) and nuts. Unlike the vigorous mixing of my fav Cold Rock Ice Creamery, the mixing here is really, put everything on each other, roll a bit, and there you go. The ice-cream wasn't exactly cold, probably because of the whipped cream, but it just lost the feel of "ice"-cream then. Nothing fantastic, nothing impressive.

Maybe parfait next time. Maybe.

Pretty good actually, friendly. They came out politely with your ice-cream as though it's a crown on a pillow, but I blinked when I saw my "marvelous" creation of course.

$4.90 for a junior sized ice-cream
$1.00 for a waffle bowl

Remember, go for LARGE if you want to use a waffle bowl, else it will turn out looking like mine and nothing CLOSE to the pictures on display!

#B1-04 CityLink Mall,
One Raffles Link
(Google the website, and have it translate the page for you)

4 Foodie Comments:

brad said...

i wanted to go to marvelous cream since they opened, but no time to go yet man. haha.


November 11, 2008 at 6:26 AM
Harris Chai said...

haha no worries, you're busy trying out other good stuff anyway!

you should go for cold rock ice-creamery man. that rocks.

November 11, 2008 at 6:29 PM
Fen said...

That seems to look disappointing from your picture. I was expecting nice, huge sundae with lots of toppings, judging from their panels of pictures...

Whipped cream mixed into ice-cream, maybe I have a special request to put in on my next visit >.<

November 17, 2008 at 9:17 AM
Harris Chai said...

hello fen,

disappointing right, you prob gotta order more scoops to make it look better, and more comparable to the posters.

and yes, request to get the whipped out man, i didn't know it was an "ingredient" until i saw them spraying a generous portion over.

November 17, 2008 at 2:02 PM

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