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e. Black Board II

06 November 2008

On two sides of the Clementi MRT stands two Western food stalls. One is fast becoming a household name with at least five branches around the island, with a name as funky as Botak Jones. The other, caught in a sleepier part of the neighbourhood with little fanfare and oftentimes treated like just another coffeeshop Western food stall, lies e. Black Board. I have to admit that it has been a very long while since I've visited Botak Jones; in fact I wanted to interview them for a term paper but busy people as they are, they couldn't even have the courtesy to reply an email to tell me that they couldn't do one. But it's alright.

A couple of my friends were quite curious about this new place that I was talking to them about (for my previous visit, see the webpage here), and we finally found time to have a pleasant dinner here at e. Black Board.

e. Black Board Burger

Me and WeiJie had the beef burgers. We both agreed it's yummily beefy, with that sort of hand-pounded feel to it. I liked my mashed potato side a lot, and so did those who had their forks in it for a couple of times haha. Next time though, I wouldn't want the cheese, tasted a bit icky.

Signature / Cajun Chicken Chop

Huixiang and Daphne had these. They felt that the chicken was marinated well, and it was also tender enough for their liking.

Mixed Grill

Justin, the usual big-eater of the group, had this. A combination of lamb, pork and chicken.

In contrast to our previous visit, the waitress was really very polite today. In fact, she was (acting) quite cute that we couldn't help grinning from ear to ear at her attempts. Most importantly, she got the orders down right and was very patient with our different orders. Good job.

$7.00 for e. Black Board burger
$0.60 for an additional egg
$4.00 for calamari rings (not featured, but not very tasty)
$6.50 for a signature chicken chop
$6.50 for a cajun chicken chop
$15.00 for a mixed grill

*10% discount for students!

San Po Food Court
Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3

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