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3 Monkeys Cafe

22 August 2009

I thought the concept of this place is pretty interesting, plush monkeys lying around the restaurant, waiters and waitresses in safari-like uniforms, even a manager in the safari ranger shirt. 3 Monkeys Cafe at Holland Village is the second branch to open in Singapore, with the first and main restaurant located at Orchard Towers.

3 Monkeys Cafe is a great spot for gatherings with their long tables and benches, so if you're looking for a place to monkey around (alcoholic drinks available as well) here's one to bring your buddies to. You would notice that there wouldn't be much reviews on the food in this post, in part because everyone agreed that the food was "alright", "okay", "not bad" but not necessarily awesome. The good thing was the 1-for-1 UOB Card offer for main courses (note: one card for one pair of main courses, promotion from 1 August till 31 October 2009) which made dinner cheaper.

Italian Meatball Spaghetti: 3/5

I stifled the urge to try the "Mighty Joe Burger" (Double beef patty, double cheese, double turkey bacon and double turkey ham) and settled for the meatball spaghetti instead. Wrong choice as the spaghetti was quite ordinary and the meatballs were close to the ones from Pastamania, the latter of which goes for half the price.

Black Pepper Burger

Yiwang had this and it did look heartily good. He found the portion a tad too big for him though, and the patty was quite thick indeed.

Sambal Bali Fish

This dish has been receiving quite a lot of favourable reviews online because of the spicy sambal chilli. Portion could be improved though, the two slices of dory fish looked quite small.

Catch of the Day

The "catch of the day" was dory fish cooked with some type of mushroom sauce, topped with greens. You could always opt for fries if you prefer them over broccoli and cauliflower, well, I know I would :)

Creamy Tarragon Chix

For simplicity sake, it's like a chicken chop with cream sauce, served with a small side of pasta. Not an easy photograph to take because the plates were quite long.

Diavolo Chiz

This is the tomato sauce variation of the creamy tarragon chix above.

Supreme Brownie

Looks nice right, I would have ordered it if not for the pants ha.

Pretty Water Jug

Yes, they serve free iced water.

Very good, they try to be attentive despite operating at full house for a Friday night. It was quite a wait for the food though, but they seemed apologetic enough.

$16.90 for the Italian meatball spaghetti
$15.90 for the black pepper burger
$16.90 for the sambal bali fish
$15.90 for the catch of the day
$15.90 for the creamy tarragon chicken
$15.90 for the diavolo chicken
$7.50 for the supreme brownie

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.
** Have at least a couple of UOB cards ready for the 1-for-1 deal ;)


267 Holland Avenue, Holland Village.
Along the Swensen's, Essential Brew and Foster's row of restaurants.

Additional Comment
No pork, no lard.

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