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03 August 2009

I learned about Smoochies while clicking around some of the reviews on the Hungrygowhere forums and thought it might be worth a visit. It's tucked in a small business area just opposite of the PSA building along Alexandra Road, and is perfect for those who really want a quiet night away from... well, almost everywhere. Since it's after all surrounded by offices, the afterhours would be fairly peaceful for you to enjoy your dinner.

It was pretty quiet too for a Saturday night, just a few couples lounged outside listening to a lady sing and strum on her guitar. Me and Daphne sat inside because there was no way I could take pictures of the food in the dark and we had the restaurant all to ourselves for at least forty good minutes (then again, it was 8.30pm by the time we got there) before a group of girls came in for drinks.

No, they don't serve these as food, but Daphne bought them while waiting for me to pick her up from work and they look so cute right! Maybe she was so hungry that she had a similar expression as these brown guys haha. On to some real food then, shall we? =)

Pizza Frutti Di Mare: 3.75/5

Sounds like a fruit-based pizza but it really is seafood pizza. I liked the pizza because it had the optimal thickness to it - not too thick that it would be bread-like, nor too thin that it would be cracker-like. The cheese was well done as well as you can see here, a nice golden brown. The pizza was unique in the sense that it has salmon chunks in it, but to be honest I thought the taste of the salmon threatened to overwhelm the pizza and I found myself eating the salmon separately from the pizza. Probably better to stick to normal fish fillets. The squids were a tiny bit overdone but otherwise okay.

Fish and Chips: 4.25/5

I think this is my kind of fish and chips, as compared to the ones at 15 Minutes that were closer to that of a deep-fried chicken cutlet - it's all in the type of batter. I prefer a smoother texture with a golden brown hue like the ones you see in the picture above, though others may have their own preferences. The fish was fresh and tasty.

Very good, polite and attentive.

$15.00 for the pizza frutti di mare
$16.00 for the fish and chips

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

991B Alexandra Road, #01-10.

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