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Ichiban Sushi

18 May 2009

Daphne had a craving for Japanese food, and we settled for Ichiban Sushi at Toa Payoh after realising (quite late, I admit) that it serves almost exactly the same things as their Ichiban Boshi outlets. I'm quite a fan of Ichiban, though I do find myself eating the same thing over and over again because it's really quite good.

Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji: 8/10

Yes, this is certainly a favourite of mine. The chicken cutlet is nicely fried without being overcooked, and is nicely tender on the inside while being real crispy on the outside. The egg was smooth and the sweet sauce topped it all off. This is really something simple, but I like it. Don't be put off by the $10.90 tag because it's a relatively large portion.

Oyako Toji: 6/10

Daphne ordered this but I could tell that she preferred what I had, and quickly nodded when I asked if she wanted more of mine. I think her chicken pieces had too much fat, and didn't quite tantalise any taste buds because they tasted quite bland on their own.

Potato Croquette: 8/10

Again, something simple, but there's something about the potato that makes it sweet and yet so mushy-like at the same time.

Corn Sushi

Daphne grabbed this off the conveyor belt. She said it was alright.

Very very good. The two managers on duty (as I gather from their blue shirts) were very attentive and seemed to leading their service crew quite well.

$10.90 for the chicken katsu tamago toji
$8.90 for the oyako toji
$2.10 for the potato croquette
$1.80 for a bowl of white rice
$2.00 for a can of sprite

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Toa Payoh HDB Hub #01-12
For a list of restaurants, click here.

2 Foodie Comments:

Pearl said...

what's the difference between ichiban sushi and ichiban boshi?

May 19, 2009 at 2:11 AM
*Harris said...

it's just the name i suppose, the menus are quite alike... perhaps the boshi outlets are located in the city area while the ichiban sushi ones are at the heartlands =)

keep blogging too pearl, you write sooo well!

May 20, 2009 at 8:25 PM

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