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SUN Asian Bistro @ NUS Staff Club

07 May 2009


It's really been some time since I've blogged and yes I do miss it! Well, now that my holidays are here, I do hope I'd get the chance to try out some good food (and probably get all fat doing that ha!)

SUN Asian Bistro is a restaurant within the NUS campus and it's located just beside the NUS Sports and Recreation Centre. A fellow food blogger Keropokman has quite a few posts already (well, a whole lot actually) on this place, so you might like to click on his name and have a look at the splendid pictures he has.

SUN Asian Bistro (if you hadn't realised, SUN is a play on the word NUS) is Halal-certified and is open to public as well. NUS students and staff do get 10-20% discount, but the food here isn't that pricey in the first place. It's cosy and nice here, and service is excellent. I'm not sure if it was a quiet weekday evening or they just like to treat you like a VIP guest. Still, smiles and politeness all around.

Shrooms Beef Burger: 8/10

The burger is usually served with nachos but I asked for fries instead. It was quite good actually, a bit charred on some sides though, and I have to admit a wee bit overdone.

WeiJie who had a forkful or two of the beef said this was somewhat better than the one at e.Black Board, which means I probably over-rated the latter a little (atill, e. Black Board has a more hand-pounded feel to it). The bread was toasted to a slight crisp, which went well with me.

Set B: Soup of the Day + Beef Pasta

Tyler had the "Set B" which includes cut fruits as dessert as well. That green-looking thing you see above is spinach soup, and as you can tell, I'm not really a fan of such vegetable soup.

The pasta certainly looked more appetising, but note though that this is a close-up picture. The actual portion was smaller, and set in a (terribly heavy) large plate.

BBQ Chicken and Egg Pizza

WeiJie and Rebecca shared this, and the interesting thing about this pizza is the runny egg running along the surface. I didn't really try this save for one chicken cube, which tasted pretty good and tender, like the ones you would find in the dishes at Chinese restaurants.

Chancellor's Symphony

Interesting name. I compared this with the one at Peaberry & Pretzel, and felt that taste-wise they do not differ too much, but the portion at SUN is half that of Peaberry's. In fact, it was pretty tiny! Compare it with the size of dessert spoons haha.


$9.90 for the shrooms beef burger
$15.90 for the western set b
$15.90 for the bbq chicken and egg pizza
$7.50 for the chancellor's symphony

* 10% service charge applies, but NUS students get 10% discount, so consider it waived.

** $1.20 charged per wet towel, and an extra $1 for pickles (which we did not touch at all - since when achar went with burgers, pasta or pizzas?)

NUS Staff Club
30 Lower Kent Ridge Road

Additional Comment
1. Halal-certified.
2. Open on weekends as well.

2 Foodie Comments:

Pearl said...

how is daphne doing?

May 8, 2009 at 1:09 AM
*Harris said...

hey pearl =)

she's alright, she's working as a teacher at a private institution for children.

hope you're doing great!

May 8, 2009 at 1:11 AM

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