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Old Town White Coffee II

26 May 2009

Where would you go if you have a craving for good ol' traditional toast? Aside from the coffeeshops, which of these do you think serves the best toast - Ya Kun, Toast Box or the (comparatively) new kid in the block Old Town? I feel inclined to go on the side of Toast Box, and perhaps after reading this post you might understand a little better why.

French Toast: 2/5

For some, this is supposed to be sinful goodness. The problem is that this french toast came soaked in oil, and you could imagine how it became even worse once the butter fully melted into the bread. I would have approved of their improvised layer of peanut butter in the middle of the toast, but oil, butter and peanut butter is too much of an overkill surely. Still, I ate it all up because I didn't want to waste $3.50.

Kaya and Butter Toast

My dad had this, and all of us at the table agreed at first sight that it was too dark (the toast, not the lighting). Even if Old Town uses brown bread, it shouldn't turn out to be of this shade of brown, and the only explanation then is that it's a tad burnt.

Peanut Butter Thick Toast

My mum prefers the peanut butter toast at Tong Shui because the bread is fresher and thicker there.

Garlic Butter Toast

My sister seemed to be the only one enjoying herself, to the point that she finished two of this by herself. The bread certainly does not look in any way soaked in butter/oil as mine was, and seems to have been toasted just nicely.

Nissin Noodle

My younger sister was the hungriest of the lot, and opted for some (instant) noodles. Tastes more or less like the real thing ie. instant noodles!

Old Town White Coffee: 4/5

At least, Old Town's signature White Coffee did not disappoint. It was thick and sweet just as I like coffee to be. For the uninitiated, click the Wiki link here for an introduction to Ipoh White Coffee.

Probably the best thing of the night really. Very professional, polite and friendly.

$3.50 for the french toast
$2.00 for the double kaya and butter toast
$2.30 for the peanut butter thick toast
$2.30 for the garlic butter toast
$3.90 for the nissin noodles with sausage and egg
$2.00 for the Old Town white coffee

* Prices subject to 10% service charge. (No wonder...)

Old Town White Coffee
Chun Tin Court
(next to the public carpark along the Cheong Chin Nam stretch)

Additional Comments
1. No pork, no lard.
2. I wouldn't recommend their main courses as they are a tad over-priced. A Malaysian-based chain charging at least twice of what they charge back home.
3. Open till 12am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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