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Chippy British Take Away II

25 May 2009

When I think of Fried Mars Balls with Ice-Cream, I'm thinking, that's just too good to be true. Indeed, it was, because it turned out to be a mighty disappointment.

Fried Mars Balls with Ice-Cream: 2.5/5

I've eaten quite a few fried ice-creams, the most recent one being at Fromage, but fried Mars balls is another thing altogether. These from Chippy are terribly oily and there's hardly a hint of Mars chocolate, and all you can probably taste is the distinctive batter used for its fish and fries. The only thing saving this little snack is the chocolate ice-cream, which to be honest is plain ordinary chocolate ice-cream.



Orchard Far East Plaza, #01-16C
Also: Plaza Singapura #B2-38.

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