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Central Thai

17 October 2009

Central Thai is a pleasant, and I must add, very peaceful, restaurant located in Orchard Central. While this "vertical" shopping mall has been up for quite some time now, it has been opening its stores and restaurants to the public only very gradually, too gradually perhaps that visitor traffic has been affected by quite a bit. That said, there's something about this place that still draws me in, maybe it's in its simplicity, or maybe it just doesn't try to cram too much within a single building like (the more popular) Ion Orchard. Put together, Orchard Central is a place to go if you're in the Orchard area but somehow you're not in the mood for crowds and with a preference instead for cooler and more open spaces.

Wok Fried Rice with Seafood: 4/5

This is simple and almost basic, but really nice. Adequate amount of seafood ingredients in fried rice that's not too dry nor too oily. The eggs are mixed evenly and nicely around the rice, giving it an overall pleasant and balanced flavour.

Green Curry with Chicken

The best friend had this, and said that it was good. Although it has been some time now, Central Thai still has its one-for-one opening promotion for its rice and noodle dishes (green curry included), which makes a meal here pretty affordable. Prices are similar to those you may find at Thai Express, perhaps even about a dollar or so cheaper here, and I think it's really worth a try.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup: 3.5/5

Ah, how can anyone not order a tom yum soup when at a Thai restaurant? The tom yum soup has a fair balance of spicy and sour, and can be nicely shared between the two of us. I would still prefer the tom yum soup from Ah Loy Thai (cheaper too) but the one from Central Thai is decent enough.

Excellent. The staff constantly refilled our glasses of iced water, and I could see how observant the manager is as he walks past tables and glances through the glasses to see if they need to filled.

$9.90 for the wok fried rice with seafood
$8.90 for the green curry with chicken
$6.90 for the seafood tom yum soup

* Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Orchard Central, #08-03.

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