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Old Hong Kong Tea House II

10 October 2009

I think Old Hong Kong Tea House still has some way to go when it comes to its food, but looking around I think the people are there more for the cosy ambience that sets in after midnight. No one rushing you to finish up your food and get out, people lounged around chatting, others fixated on their laptops or even on their PSPs. Air-conditioning helps too, because while 24-hour prata cafe aficionados might swear by their favourite Al-Ameens, Al-Azhars and Spize Cafes, the weather at night may not be as cooling and as bearable all the time. Service here is pretty alright too.

Chicken Chop Cheese-Baked Spaghetti in Curry Sauce: 3.25/5

The curry sauce tastes like the (diluted) Japanese curry sauce from Eighteen Chefs. Not that it's bad, I find it okay but I do wish it would be a tad thicker. The chicken chop was quite average and didn't impress much, while the spaghetti was "trimmed" to make it "shorter" when I would prefer it to be left alone as it is.

Macaroni with Luncheon Meat and Egg

Dilys, the company for the night, had this. It surely doesn't look that exciting or fascinating as a dish but I guess it would do as a slightly healtheir option for a late-night snack. She commented that 1) the carrots were not soft enough, 2) the soup was quite starchy and (even) 3) that the fried egg wasn't as evenly cooked as she would like it to be. Still, the addition of some chilli made this simple dish decent enough.


$9.80 for the chicken chop cheese-baked spaghetti in curry sauce
$5.80 for the macaroni with luncheon meat and egg
$2.80 for a cup of cold yuanyang
$2.50 for a cup of herbal cooling tea

86 East Coast Road, Blk A Katong Village.

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Open 24-hours.

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