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Al-Ameen Eating House III

05 February 2009

Daphne was craving for some coin pratas, and since I've tried them from both Al-Azhar and Al-Ameen along Cheong Chin Nam Road, suggested we go for the ones from the latter, for obvious reasons of course.

Coin Pratas: 8.3/10

The last time I was here, I gave a score of 7.5 because it somehow tasted a little salty, probably from the ghee or butter. This time round there wasn't this problem, instead the pratas were thick inside but very nicely crispy on the outside. I liked it a lot, though I wasn't too fond about the dhal (a type of curry that uses pulses as a primary ingredient) that was served with it. Ask for the usual roti prata curry. As I've mentioned before, this dish is not in the menu, but they've got it when you ask for it. Usually they would ask you to get the "set" which includes chicken or mutton curry, but this time round we did away with the meat.

As much as I was pleased that the pratas tasted much better now, there was another inconsistency and that's the size of the coin pratas. Instead of being of similar dimensions, it was more of two usual sized ones and three really mini ones, about half their size! Not that I am complaining because I personally liked the crispy smaller ones, but if they're going to make the coins so small, then they should make more of them then, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the money!

Butter Naan: 6/10

I decided to go for a butter naan and butter chicken dinner because it would resemble the Indian dinner I had in Hong Kong (sounds a bit odd I know, you would probably be asking, what about the dim sum?!) a couple of weeks back. It's a pity that this naan didn't quite measure up because one, I couldn't really taste the buttery flavour, two, it was quite oily, and three, it was quite burnt on the undersides. Actually, now that I've tried this butter naan from Al Ameen, I would think the one at Noor Jannah's is way better (and to that effect, deserves a higher rating too).

Butter Chicken: 7.7/10

This was not bad, I think the chicken was baked "tikka"-style before it was added to the Indian tomato cream. Very tender chicken slices indeed, and quite a lot too, just nice for two to share. The gravy was a wee bit salty though, so I didn't slurp it up too readily. Good as a dip for the naan of course.

Egg Roti Prata: 7/10

It's alright I guess, this was ordered by Daphne since she was still feeling quite hungry. The coin pratas were probably too small. This egg prata was a bit too oily for her liking though.

We came here around 5.45pm when it wasn't crowded, and service was pretty prompt and they smile at you too. I'm only saying this because I'm suggesting there's an inverse correlation with the staff here, as I understand they're often in too much of a hurry (that they may appear rude or hasty) when the place is more packed.

$3.00 for the coin pratas (non-set)
$1.50 for a butter naan
$7.00 for the butter chicken
$1.50 for the egg prata

Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah.
Opposite Beauty World / Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Additional Comments
1. Accompany the meal with a cold, sinfully thick and awfully sweet glass of iced milo.
2. Complete the meal at the end with a hot and refreshing cup of teh tarik.
3. Open 24 hours!

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Pearl said...

what are pratas?

February 5, 2009 at 7:27 AM

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