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Pasta de Waraku II

22 February 2009

Me and Daphne had our reservations about coming to Pasta de Waraku because of the terribly small portions during our previous visit here. I felt however that it deserves a second chance, especially since Globetrotter's at United Square (our initial choice) has closed down for yet another branch of Thai Express.

Gratin Set
Wafu Chicken and Egg Pasta: 7.5/10
Prawn Gratin: 3.9/10

We were feeling veryyyyy hungry alright, so since we knew that portions here weren't that large, we decided to go for their sets, which features a gratin (or pizza) with a pasta, corn soup as well as a small serving of salad. The soup wasn't too bad, but the soy sauce (or so we think it is) ruined the salad.

When the first plate of pasta arrived, our eyes widened. Crikey, the portion seemed to have increased by more than half, if not doubled. Good on you Pasta de Waraku! On taste, I felt it was pretty good, the spaghetti's texture was just nice, and the oil used was perfect. Very filling.

I made sure that I took some forkfuls of gratin while I was in the middle of eating my pasta because I didn't want to do injustice to the gratin by tasting it when I was too full. Still, the gratin failed to impress because it really tasted somewhat microwaved (I'm not suggesting it was), with the cheese and penne a little too hard on some parts.

Cabonara Pasta: 7/10

Daphne had the gratin set as well, but chose the cabonara as her choice of pasta. She thought it was quite good, but was too full to even eat a quarter of her gratin. So girls, sets like these aren't for you, leave it to the guys!

Very good, very polite.

$16.80 per set, subject to GST and service charge.

Novena Square 2 #01-07
Website (with menu):

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