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Swensen's Restaurant II

01 February 2009

It's good to have a Swensen's card because the waitresses are so quick to spot it and would immediately ask you for your choice of complimentary drink. Trust me, a nice hot cup of coffee at the end of the meal is all you need to complete it and leave you feeling satisfied. =)

Hot US Fries and Dips: 8.3/10

Everyone loves these fries, and for good reason. It's always served hot, it's not too thin nor thick, and it's always crispy. In other words, I really think this is how fries should be. Goes very very well with the tartar or chilli/bbq sauce dips!

Sourdough 49ers Chicken: 7.7/10

"Chicken slices, turkey bacon and cheddar cheese sandwiched between sourdough football buns." I was contemplating having the "Mega Burger" but decided to hold back and try this "All-Time Favourite" (so the menu says) instead. It turned out to be quite good actually, even if the chicken slices aren't that big. It's just nice and not too filling.

Chilli Fish Pasta: 8.5/10

"Golden-fried snapper fillets with spaghetti in spicy oriental sauce." Daphne was having this, but she gave me many forkfuls of fish and pasta and I did not complain one bit. I think these fish fillets were cooked in a much better batter than the actual Swensen's Fish and Chips, the latter of which has a rougher surface. And it's not one but two pieces! The pasta meanwhile tasted great too, because of the chilli and peppers that added a tantalising spicy ring to it.

Fish & Chips

"Golden-fried fillet of fish, served with tartar sauce, U.S. fries and coleslaw." My Dad had this, but as I've mentioned the fish slices from the Chilli Fish Pasta tasted much better and less... ordinary.

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta

"Grilled chicken thigh smothered in teriyaki sauce served with spaghetti and poached vegetables." The chicken tasted as though it would do better in between two burger buns, but it was fine with the pasta too. The teriyaki sauce is pretty good, sweet and thick.

Mega Burger

"A gigantic burger! Juicy beef patty, ham, bacon, grilled vegetables, onions and melted cheese with a fried egg to top it off!" I was quite surprised that my Mum, who isn't exactly a big eater, chose to order this, but I think it had something to do with the really enticing picture on the menu haha. But no kidding, it was quite big indeed, with two slices of ham and bacon to top it off. Even the fries, as compared to the sourdough burger and fish and chips, seem to be more. The beef patty could be improved though, it does need to be a little thicker and, for lack of a better expression, a little "beefier". I have a preference for thicker, fuller beef patties when it comes to burgers.

I really liked the service in this Swensen's branch at Orchard Park Hotel, because not only are they friendly but they are also very attentive, from refilling your glasses with iced water, clearing your plates, to just looking out for a raised hand or two. One of the waitresses, Gina, for instance, had a bright smile on her face wherever she went and smiled at every request.

$5.90 for the US fries and dips
$13.20 for the sourdough 49ers chicken
$15.20 for the chilli fish pasta
$14.50 for the fish and chips
$16.20 for the teriyaki chicken pasta
$15.20 for the mega burger

*Prices subject to the usual 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Park Hotel, 270 Orchard Road.

Additional Comment
Open 24 hours, with a special Asian-cuisine menu.

3 Foodie Comments:

Pearl said...

thanks for the review!

February 2, 2009 at 12:30 AM
Harris Chai said...

you're welcome ;)

February 2, 2009 at 8:51 PM
Tiong said...

Do u know Swensen serve very good weekend breadfast and it is reasonable price too!!

February 6, 2010 at 12:40 AM

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