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Udders Ice-Cream II

22 February 2009

I love ice-cream. I wonder if, when I was a baby and had my very first taste of ice-cream, that I had grimaced from the sudden rush of cold, but then immediately wanted more. I've seen quite a few parents try it out on their children, and the little ones look awfully cute smacking their lips and gesturing for another lick. Ice-cream does the same for you, doesn't it. I mean, if you're not being too health-conscious and all, one or two scoops never seems enough right! Ice-creams from Udders is like that too, you want more.

In my previous visit here I was looking at their big chalkboard asking for suggestions for new flavours (trust me, it's filled with them), and I wondered if any of them would ever be realised. I was looking at old pictures which I took at Udders and found that two which they have short-listed have actually already made their way to the tubs - salted caramel and ... Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla!

Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla (TM): 9/10
Strawberry Fields (TM): 8.3/10

The Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla ice-cream was fantabulous - sweet, crunchy and milky all in one. The honeycomb pieces were a tad large though, Daphne was wondering why I was taking big spoonfuls of ice-cream, as if I was afraid she would take more of it haha. Really good stuff. As for the strawberry fields, it was great too, and wasn't as soury or fruity as the Mango Sorbet we had previously.

I think this is so cute! Hahahahaha. Udderly-funny.

Friendly. Maybe it's a prerequisite that all ice-cream girls have to be as sweet as the ice-cream they serve, I don't know. But have you ever seen a moody ice-cream girl (MacDonald's don't count)? They're always so bright and cheery.


$4.90 for double scoops (classic flavours).

Udders Ice Cream
Goldhill Centre
Beside United Square, Novena.

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