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Jalapeno's Pepper Express

17 February 2009

Located just outside of KFC at the newly extended basement of Lot One Shoppers' Mall is a very small Halal-certified eatery that serves simple Western fare at very (I repeat: very) affordable prices. Me and Daphne thought it was worth a try, especially since we were reluctant to head up to the usual (boring) foodcourts on the upper levels of Lot One, and other than a handful of restaurants, there didn't seem to be much else to eat actually. So how does the food measure up?

Fried Calamari: 6/10

The first thing that struck us was the portion, which was pretty small if you ask me. You're probably saying, well, what do you expect for $3.20? Haha. Much more actually! I quite liked the tomato, spaghetti-like dip that came with the calamari, though I still think it would go better with the usual tartar sauce. The batter for the calamari is ... too ordinary.

Cream of Mushroom: 6.6/10

For just $2, this was better than expected. We liked the fine bits and pieces of mushrooms in the soup, and the fact that the soup was fairly thick and not as diluted as those soups sold at the same price elsewhere makes it a plus point here at Jalapeno's.

Blackened Burger: 7.3/10

Part of me wanted to ask the staff if "blackened" merely meant more carcinogenic substances piled onto the grilled beef. Instead I merely asked that my burger be served plain with neither coleslaw nor lettuce since I wanted to savour the beef on its own. Don't bother about it being rare, medium or well done, I think it's just a toothpick flag that means nothing, they do not ask you how rare you want your beef in the first place. On taste, it was actually tasty, not just because of the mustard or tartar, but largely by the freshness of the beef patty and the way it was cooked. It's a sizeable patty, not that thick, but not thin like MacDonald's hamburger or Big Mac patties either. Nice choice of bun, the sesame seeds certainly added a little extra flavour.

Grilled Chicken Thigh Hot Plate Special: 7.3/10

Daphne had this, and it came out better than expected as well. As you can probably tell, we didn't come to such a small eatery with much expectations, which probably explains why the food actually came out to be even tastier! Plus, we were absolutely hungry as well. See, the different factors involved that affect your taste buds.

To be fair, the chicken slices, though not exactly warm, were still tender enough and went very well with the spaghetti. This dish could have done better with slightly more spaghetti gravy and chilli flakes, but otherwise it's not too bad.

$3.20 for the fried calamari
$2.00 for the mushroom soup
$5.90 for the blackened burger
$7.20 for the grilled chicken spaghetti

#B1-K5, Lot 1 Shopper's Mall
Also: #02-01, Singapore Flyer

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Certified Halal (Lot One).

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