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22 February 2009

Nestled in one the dimly lit lanes of youngsters puffing on shisha is a small shop selling clothes, quaint gift items and yes of course, ice-cream! Me and Daphne just had Udders ice-cream yesterday, and here we are craving for more of this heavenly delight. Daphne refuses to admit that she loves and craves for it as much as I do, but she'd share it with me nevertheless haha.

Perhaps the draw of Pluck is not really it's out-of-this-world flavours, but rather it's serene atmosphere and comfy seats, which makes for great chilling out if you're here with a small group of friends. Here you can sit, talk and enjoy your ice-cream, while at the same time watching a remake of the opium addiction problem from the glass. Nah, I'm just kidding about the last bit, they're just kids having fun ha.

Cookies&Cream and Strawberry: 7.5/10

Not straight from Walls ice-cream tubs mind you, we may have chosen common flavours but the quality here is much better of course. Smooth and milky, I like.

Banana Choc Nut: 8/10

We were chatting with a friend, and after a while I decided that I just need to taste at least one of their novelty ice-creams, and settled for the banana choc nut. A choice well made I would say, the banana flavour was not overpowering like some others, and went really well with the chocolate and minute bits of nuts.

The girls here are really friendly and sweet.

$3 for a single, $5 for a double.
$0.30 for toppings.

31/33 Haji Lane
7mins walk from Bugis Junction.

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