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Ishi Mura

20 February 2009

John mentioned that he had watched a television programme about this Japanese-concept food court that has recently opened at the new wing of Yishun Northpoint, and suggested that we try it out.

When you step into Ishi Mura, you get the feeling of being in both a Food Republic food court as well as a Shokudo restaurant at the same time. Probably from the excessive use of wood all around and the scattered displays of Japanese characters haha.

Ishi Mura has pretty much the usual fare of Japanese that many Singaporeans are familiar with, from the ramen to the okonomiyaki (a pan-fried batter cake, with cabbages and various ingredients) to the now increasingly popular Japanese wafer-thin pizzas and "omu" (omelette) rice. It also has a stall selling a variety of rice burgers, in which rice is used instead of burger buns. I think the best thing about Ishi Mura is the price because the food here is very affordable. Almost everything is under $10 and it certainly gives Shokudo a huge run for their money, because on taste, Ishi Mura might actually be better in a number of aspects.

This is how the seating area looks. It's comfortable enough, and wasn't that packed for a Wednesday night. Perhaps not many people outside of Yishun have heard of this place yet.

Beef Patty Omu Rice: 7.7/10

If you compare this to the one sold at Bugis, this one is sooooo much better. While Rakeru (the stall in Bugis) focused on sloshing ketchup all over the dish, Ishi Mura uses black pepper gravy instead, which to me is the more appropriate way to go since the rice is already more or less tomato(-sauce) flavoured. The eggs were really soft yums.

Unagi Rice

This was served on a stone bowl, so be careful when you're handling it, because it's hot. Darren who had this said it wasn't too bad.

Prawn Ramen

Maybe John doesn't really know you could make pictures look better. Or maybe, he was just hungry hahaha. The next time John, I'll take the pictures!

Mixed Seafood Okonomiyaki: 8/10

The three of us shared this and we all felt that this was good stuff, though I have to admit that we have not eaten a good many okonomiyakis around to know what exactly can be considered "good". Still, the portion of seafood that went into this dish was generous, considering that it costs only $5.90. Eat it while it's hot and crispy!

The Menus

Here's just some of the menus from some of the stalls, in case you're interested. Click on the pictures if you can't see the prices clearly enough.

And let me just add this picture of the pizza-pasta stall, even if you may not really see the items that they have on offer haha.

$5.50 for the beef patty omu rice
$6.90 for the unagi rice
$7.90 for the prawn ramen
$5.90 for the mixed seafood okonomiyaki
$1.50 for a can of green tea

Yishun Northpoint #03-47/50 (new wing)

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