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Al-Ameen Eating House II

30 December 2008

After trying the coin pratas at Al-Azhar, I thought it was only right to give Al Ameen a try and see if it could do any better.

Coin Prata: 7.5/10

And yes, it did fare better than Al-Azhar, having the right amount of crispiness and at the same time still retaining the thickness of the dough (that makes it different from the usual, thinner pratas). Could be better if it tasted a little less salty, probably from using too much butter or ghee. And oh, these coin pratas are not listed in the menus, but they do sell it anyway. So don't be too surprised if you can't seem to find it there heh.

Chicken Curry: 5.5/10

This came together with the coin prata (you can choose to order just the pratas). The chicken was not too bad, but the curry was just too thick for my liking.

Mutton Chop

My father ordered this, which is really the "Indian"-version of the otherwise Western grilled lamb chop. He said it was alright.

Chicken Briyani

My little sister had this, found it okay as well even if it was a bit too spicy for her. She was hissing her way through her lunch because the spicy curry was mixed with the rice.

Chapati with Keema

My parents shared this between themselves. When the chapatis (thin, flat Indian bread) first arrived, my father was puzzled because it really did look more like naan (another flat bread resembling pita bread) than chapati, though the waiter insisted it was chapatis indeed. My mother did manage to detect a slight difference from the taste, but I could tell my father wasn't all too convinced haha. The keema (minced meat curry) was quite good, would have been much better if it was served hot though.

Friendly on quiet periods, but put in a crowd and it can be so difficult trying to get their attention. Orders can get mixed up too on really packed nights. Just be patient and relax.

$5.00 for the coin pratas and chicken curry,
Around $3 if it's just the coin pratas.

Cheong Chin Nam Road, Bukit Timah.

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Open 24 hours =)

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