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Yong Soon Dough Fritters @ Food Republic

13 December 2008

Whenever I walk into Food Republic at Suntec or Vivocity, the smell of fried dough fritters always gets to me as much as Famous Amos cookies along Orchard's Wisma Atria basement. It kinds of tell you, no you're not exactly full, you still have space for some snacks, come eat me. HAHA. I'm not weird, it's just a delightful sweet smell that makes you hungry.

Yong Soon doesn't sell a great variety of things, but it does have soya bean drink, soya beancurd, you tiao (fried dough sticks), "butterfly" (fried dough with sesame), fried tapioca, spring rolls and salted buns with various fillings. Good enough for me, and it's cheap as well.

And good news for our Muslim friends, it has gone Halal too, as you can see from the small frame above.

Butterfly Bun: 8.5/10

A fat pair of chromosomes? Must be mine then haha. I would give this a 9, but we got a lukewarm one and missed the new batch of crispy hot buns. I like it because it's very sweet and the sesame seeds add taste to it.

Salted Bun: 7.7/10

Daphne had this as well, though she didn't see anything impressive about it. Like me, she prefers the butterfly bun more. Nonetheless, she does like the saltiness of it.

Soya Bean Drink: 8.5/10

A great drink to wash it all down. Sweet, milky and thick, not like the lighter ones you find at Mr Bean or Jollibean outlets.


$0.90 for the butterfly bun
$0.90 for the salted bun
$1+ for the soya bean drink

Vivocity Level 3,
Food Republic, Stall #03-18.

Additional Comment
Certified Halal.

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