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Newton Food Centre [Noodles]

10 December 2008

It's coming to a year now since this humble blog was created and I'm glad to see that this little baby has passed 10,000 hits (it's 10573 when I'm blogging this), averaging close to 35 unique readers a day. Thank you to everyone, my friends and blog followers especially, for your support! =)

I'm also beginning to adore my Nokia N85 so much because of the quality pictures it's taking. I'm still trying to fiddle around with the settings, but the colours and sharpness thus far have been really good, especially for a camera phone. Initially I had intended to get the Samsung Innov8 that has an 8-megapixel camera but it seemed too bulky to me. The Carl Zeiss lens of the N85 meanwhile looks to make up for its 5-megapixels, which is an immense improvement from the first generation camera handphones of VGA or 1.3-megapixel cameras.

And, if you're wondering when I'm ever going to use my Canon Ixus 80, well soon, haha, to be honest I've not even charged it yet ;)

Indian Cuisine

John had a craving for some Indian food, and I found that there were only around three stalls scattered around the food centre that could satisfy that craving. This stall in particular (No.44) was along the Number 40+ row of stalls, of which I normally frequent Stall 49's seafood. I think every hawker in Newton has realised that the best way to make business now is not really through touting but really to make a great first impression and hope you return to them. Such a change is good for customers surely.

Mutton Murtabak: 7.7/10

I like this murtabak a lot actually, even if it may not necessarily be out of this world to others. It was served hot, gently crisp on the sides, and tasted good. The curry that came with the murtabak complemented it very well.

Indian Mee Goreng: 8/10

All three of us, me, Darren and John, felt that this fried noodles deserves a thumbs up. For $4, the portion was quite healthy, and it was adequately moist and not too spicy. There were bits of mutton as well that many other Indian stalls have begun to exclude from their noodles.

Mutton Soup: 9/10

Oh this was really good man. I like it hot and thick, and they were quite generous with the mutton as well. Flavourful and fragrant too, it does perk your senses up at every spoonful. For those who are down with flu, try this for a remedy, it has been my tried and tested cure for a long time haha.

$6 for the mutton soup (can be shared by three)
$5 for the mutton murtabak
$4 for the mee goreng

Din Muslim Food, Stall 44.

Chinese Cuisine

The boys were still hungry (of course) so the both of them were considering sharing something else. We had already decided to save some space for supper at Roti Prata House at Thomson, so we didn't want to fill ourselves up too much. Since Fiona Xie's (local media darling) pictures were plastered on the walls of this stall at the entrance of the food centre, John and Darren decided to try the minced pork noodles to see if it is worth the hype. The both of them were initially uncertain if they should have pork when I'm around, but I was urging them to go ahead because I wanted them to enjoy the dinner since they were just back (Darren more so) from overseas studies.

Minced Pork Noodles: 7.7/10

The both of them felt it was not too bad after all, Darren himself was busy slurping up the soup that came with it. The noodles were not too "springy" and they liked the gravy base.


XO Minced Meat Noodle, found at entrance of the food centre.

Additional Comment
This stall in particular is open 24 hours!

And The Usual...

I usually avoid the mild touting by heading straight for my favourite stall. We didn't exactly feel like ordering dishes, so we got the one thing that we did want.

BBQ Sambal Stingray: 8.8/10

Is this really "Chinese" cuisine, or a hybridisation of a seafood grill with Malay sambal and "chincaluk" (brine shrimp sauce, which some believe originated from Malaysia)? Thanks to my enjoyable Sociology of Food module, I really think more about the food I eat these days!

Well, on taste, this stingray keeps getting better and better each time I return to this stall. It's sooooooo fresh, and the chilli is nicely spicy without having to burn anyone's tongue. Very well-grilled and not burnt at all. Great stuff.


Denmark Seafood, Stall 49.

Additional Comments
1. No pork, no lard at this stall, they use vegetarian oil.
2. If you're more particular, there are plenty of stalls around here that have Halal certification.

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