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Botak Jones

11 December 2008

Have a craving for beef burgers? Try Botak Jones!

The Botak Jones branch in Toa Payoh is situated within the JTC industrial compound and within walking distance from SPH. Me and Daphne took a bus there from the interchange (Bus 231 white plate, alight before the Shell petrol kiosk and turn left in) only to find out that we could have walked there in the first place haha. I realised that it might be nearer if you took Bus 157. You can click here for directions on how to go, as well as for the locations of other Botak Jones' branches.

The Botak Burger: 8/10

Botak Jones has always been known for its huge portions, but I think they realised too many Singaporeans couldn't finish their food (you spoilers!!!) and they have since cut back on their servings. Some time ago when I was surfing their website, they also mentioned that they won't be giving free fries "upsize" because of cost-cutting measures. Boo-hoo. The fries you see here only appear a lot because 1) it was taken on close-up and, 2) I ordered a double serving of fries and did away with my second side.

This is how it looks on another angle. The fries doesn't seem so much now right haha. Thing is, the beef patty has shrunk quite a bit, and because of this it lacks the full beefy flavour. I do hope Botak Jones will look into its beef patties and not let it shrink to MacDonald's standards, which if you haven't known, has to use four beef patties to make its Mega Mac look more filling. The taste of the Botak Burger is still there yes, nicely grilled and lightly marinated. Spicy fries are great stuff too.

Cajun Chicken: 7.5/10

While I like my beef, Daphne always prefers chicken. She felt that this one from Botak is not as good as e. Black Board's, inasmuch as she agrees that Botak's fries are delicious. I think she got a cut of the chicken that is slightly tougher, more meaty but slightly drier and not as juicy.

Very good and friendly. Daphne agreed that the cashier is pretty. So random, I know, but we people-watch sometimes.

$7.50 for the botak burger set
$8.00 for the cajun chicken set
$1.00 for an extra egg

* inclusive of 7% GST, no service charge
** a set includes two sides of your choice
*** for more on the menu, click here for pdf file.

970A Toa Payoh North
Also: Blk 529 AMK, Blk 412 Bedok, Blk 233 Bukit Batok, Blk 325 Clementi, Orchard Youth Park etc. See locations for full listings, mini-map and bus directions.

Additional Comment
This place is not Halal, even if "Botak" may appear to some to be a Malay word.

2 Foodie Comments:

Pearl said...

LOL did you first say that the cashier was pretty, or did the gf say it first?

December 12, 2008 at 2:52 AM
Harris Chai said...

LOL. This one, the girlfriend said first heh! ;)

December 12, 2008 at 3:03 AM

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