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Dai Ka Jie

20 December 2008

The both of us were thinking of something oriental, something Chinese, for dinner and I suggested Dai Ka Jie at Heeren because I had a cut-out coupon from The Sunday Times (check the Lifestyle section every Sunday for the "Yummy Treats" page) that gave us a 30% discount on their roast duck. Miss Funshine Bear joined us for dinner as well, though she was contented with just smiling and watching us enjoy our food.

Granny Mui Roast Duck: 7.8/10

For slightly over $8 (after the 30% discount), this duck turned out to be very satisfying indeed. It was very well roasted and there was little fats to bother us. The sauce poured on it was very good too, and we kept soaking our duck slices with it. A couple of parts closest to the bones were quite tough, but overall this went down well with us.

Dai Ka Jie Fried Rice: 7.5/10

I read about this fried rice on other blogs, and the people liked the Chinese sausages cooked with it. This time round though, I asked for the sausages to be removed and the cook was okay with it, giving me instead many more prawns. On taste, it's a typical fried rice, fragrant with just the right amount of salt and pepper. I liked it, especially when eaten with the roast duck. Yums.

Five Spice Roll Noodle: 7.7/10

The girlfriend liked her noodles, she said it was "springy" enough, the gravy was fine, and the spice rolls were crisp and tasty.

Very good. You know sometimes I complain about the state of service that some foreign Chinese staff give me, but here at Dai Ka Jie I have no complaints at all. The staff, and really this is a marker of patience, bent down and listened patiently to my terrible Mandarin, understood the orders and politely excused herself to check if my special requests could be made. She had this tomboyish haircut, if you happen to be there. Our glasses of iced water were also constantly refilled.

$11.80 for the Granny Mui Roast Duck,
$9.00 for the Dai Ka Jie Fried Rice
$9.80 for the Five Spice Roll Noodles

*The usual GST (7%) and service charge (10%) applies.

Orchard Heeren, Level 5.

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