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16 December 2008

Located at the basement of Bishan Junction 8 is this range of small eateries that includes "Food, Anytime" (at least, that's what I make out the shop name to be), which specialises in Chinese desserts and snacks like tang yuan and chee cheong fun. They have also added flavoured "ice shavings" to their menu since the last time I visited them, as you can see from the shop's small side poster at the back.

And there's the menu (not including the ice shavings) for you if you're interested. You can click it for a clearer view of what this stall has to offer.

Peanut Tang Yuan: 5.5/10

Oh my, what has happened to the tang yuan here? It used to be very good, and it used to be of a larger portion too. "Tang yuan" is kinda like glutinous rice balls that have fillings such as red bean, sesame paste and peanut paste, though this shop only sells the latter two. The tang yuan here has shrunk in size, has much less filling, was served lukewarm (almost too cool in fact), and wasn't chewy but just, not very tasteful. Explains why you need to have a smaller bowl too.

It's okay, I guess.


Bishan Junction 8 Basement One.

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