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Noor Jannah's Kitchen

12 January 2009

I've read a lot about Noor Jannah's from IeatIshootIpost and Camemberu, who if you ask me are like the King and Queen of food bloggers here in Singapore. They post really great reviews and awesome pictures (DSLR cameras do wonders), and much of my inspiration to start a food blog came from them actually.

The one thing that everyone seems to be ordering around us is the bone steak hor fun, if not it's the oxtail hor fun. "Hor fun", if you're just heard about it, refers to flat rice noodles cooked in gravy. Oftentimes it reminds me of a corny punchline of a joke that I read long, long ago: What do you get in a Chinese brothel? Go figure. But, I digress. The hor fun is wrapped in "opeh" (from a type of palm tree) leaves, and is believed to add flavour to the food wrapped in it, otherwise it's also useful to keep the aroma intact. My parents mentioned that these leaves were a common form of food wrap many many years ago.

And there you see what an impact a food blooger has on the local food industry. Not only are his pictures on so many menus, he also had a hand in creating or improving on some of the restaurants' specialties like Vittles. Other dishes on offer here at Noor Jannah's include chilli crab, mee goreng, prawn paste chicken and cereal prawns.

Bone Steak Hor Fun: 7.9/10

The hor fun was really good, and I'm quite sure the bones added flavour to the gravy and noodles. Still, it was just bones, and this dish could do with some real meat. All of my family members agreed that this tasted good, yums.

Punggol Mee Goreng: 7.5/10

If you want tasty fried yellow noodles, Malay-style, this is it. Sorry for the blur shot, maybe all I wanted was to put my fork right in haha. I would prefer it with just a little bit more moisture though.

Chicken and Beef Satay: 7.7/10

I chuckled when I saw their Chinese staff gingerly turning the satay from time to time. Yes, it's kinda like a multi-racial picture at this shop - Malay, Chinese and Indians all working together in this humble little eatery. Of course, what matters is the meat and marinate, which was very good. The meat was tender and did not have the sort of "rubbery", tough feeling that poorly cooked satay has.

Butter Naan: 7/10

We kinda just shared this because I was curious how this would taste like. Somehow or another they did not serve me any curry or gravy to go along with this, but I went ahead and ate this plainly. It wasn't too bad, quite evenly cooked and adequately soft.

Milo Dinosaur

I was coughing actually, and should be staying away from drinks like these. Still, I wanted to show my dear readers what I mean by this drink that has no relation to the dinosaurs whatsoever, but features an iced chocolate drink (iced milo) topped, no, make that heaped, with spoonfuls of milo powder. It's a popular drink among youths, but it's really very sweet.

Pretty alright, but their Indian waiter (I think he's new), can be quite slow and blur at times. Oh well, give him time to learn then!

$8 for the bone steak hor fun
$4 for the punggol mee goreng
$12 for 20 sticks of satay
$1.50 for a butter naan

2 Jalan Masjid
Near Kembangan MRT Station
Note: There's a basement carpark just opposite Noor Jannah's. Many people don't really see the small sign pointing in and choose instead to park along the double yellow lines, which could really make your meal more expensive than it should be.

Additional Comments
My sisters had a fried rice and another ginger chicken with rice ($4 each). The latter was found to be too salty, but the fried rice tasted quite good actually. It didn't have much ingredients though, so it would be good if it's accompanied by other side dishes.

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