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Koufu @ Sentosa's Pahlawan Beach

12 January 2009

If you don't intend to splurge at any of the pricey restaurants on Sentosa, there's always Koufu foodcourt at Pahlawan Beach, just a five-minute walk away from the Beach Station. Sentosa's really quiet during the weekdays, especially now when the school holidays have ended. I only say this because the hawkers at Koufu seem utterly bored, and I have to admit it makes you wonder if they've got any mood to cook at all haha.

Other than the Indian-Muslim stall you see above, they also have a seafood stall, some Chinese noodles, Chinese claypot dishes and chicken rice. There's a vegetarian stall as well.

Chicken Fried Rice: 8/10

When the rest of my friends saw this, everyone agreed that it looked really good. And it did taste great as well! It was just a bit spicy as I asked it to be, and the chicken, while tender on the inside, had a very crispy battered skin on the outside. Yums! Quite a generous portion too, this filled me up nicely.



Koufu Foodcourt
Pahlawan Beach, Sentosa

Additional Comment
Quite a few staff ordered the stall's "roti john", and it looked very appetising indeed!

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R2K said...

That looks good.

January 12, 2009 at 12:37 AM

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