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Hong Kong: Mido Cafe

26 January 2009

I first learned about this Hong Kong cafe from a Lonely Planet travel guide, but it was only after I had returned from Hong Kong and gone through the Internet that I realised that this is a pretty popular place among locals and tourists alike.

The cafe is old, but it has that antique prettiness that is hard to come by in a place that has modernised so rapidly over the last half of a century. The furniture seems to be the same ones from fifty years ago, and some websites have mentioned that this cafe has been featured in the scenes of many Hong Kong movies.

We were initially stunned to see the "menu" pasted on the table because it was covered completely in Chinese characters. The boss (or so it seems) could speak and understand English very well though, and gave us (thankfully) menus with the all too familiar English words. The above is just one side of the English-version to the menu, but it looked really promising. There were fourteen of us, but we were sitting at separate tables and I didn't get to take pictures of all the food. Here's what I managed to take at my table.

French Toast

French Toast never looked this decadent. Deep fried toast with eggs and butter. It was freaking unhealthy and oily. But we loved it.

Beef Fried Rice

It was a pretty big portion, so it filled me up nicely. The rice is very soft and moist though, but it went well with the generous serving of minced beef.

Baked Seafood with Rice

In Singapore, anything "baked" means lots of cheese, but it doesn't seem to be so for this dish. Chetan said this wasn't too bad, and it's pretty worth it because you got fried rice instead of plain steamed white rice.

Baked Pork Chop Rice

Ce Zheng said this was "ok". Looks good, doesn't it?


The drinks, as do the furniture, are so retro and old-school here!

Very friendly and helpful.

HK$18 for the french toast
HK$35 for the beef fried rice
HK$73 for the baked seafood with rice
HK$48 for the baked pork chop rice

63, Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei
Yau Ma Tei MTR Station, Exit B2

Additional Comments
1. The first picture of this post is a collage from a collection of pictures from this website:
2. Opening hours: 8.30am-9.30pm; Tel: 852-2384-6402

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