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Hong Kong: Hong Kong Day

26 January 2009

The Peak is one place you cannot miss when you visit Hong Kong, because it has one of the best views of the city especially at night. I followed the advice of a good many travel guides that recommended a trip there in the late afternoon, so that you get to enjoy the sights in daylight and at night. It was winter when I was Hong Kong, and the weather was fantastic. A good jacket would keep you snug and comfy in the cold.

At The Peak is a tall building that many of the same travel guides describe as "grotesque", but within it you can find a large EA Games store, Madame Tussauds and a good selection of restaurants and cafes. The restaurants have a brilliant view too, and you can imagine just how romantic the setting is.

I would love to be there dining with my special someone, but since we were there in a group (and not to mention, not willing to splurge), we headed to a Hong Kong cafe for a light evening snack. We have so many Hong Kong cafes here in Singapore (see: Xin Wang and C-Nai), and we were curious to see how the ones from Hong Kong would be like. And oh, be happy that you've got English translations on the menu. It's not exactly the norm in Hong Kong.

Toast with Peanut Paste and Condensed Milk

I didn't see much difference between this and the ones offered in Singapore, but nevertheless it's still nicely crisp and awfully sweet.

Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef

I've no idea if we were hungry or if this was just really good. The sauce used for the noodles was sweet and thick, and the beef slices were pretty tender. We slurped this up in record time.

HK$13 for the toast with peanut paste and condensed milk
HK$42 for the stir fried noodles with sliced beef

The Peak
Directions: Take the Peak Tram from the Lower Peak Tram Station, which is located near the Central MTR Station.

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