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Hong Kong: Royal Desserts

26 January 2009

The third and final stop of our foodie night with Parthenia. We all wanted something to cool off our throats, so it was the best time for cold desserts! The exterior of the shop looked very promising indeed, with all the colourful pictures of the desserts on offer. I'm going to name the desserts by myself though (haha), but I'm sure the pictures will be good enough for you to have an idea of what we all had.

Chocolate Soufflé with Ice-Cream

I'm glad to have chosen the soufflé, because this has got to be one of the best desserts I've eaten in a long time. While the two scoops of ice-cream were ordinary, the soufflé was served warm and was very soft on both touch and taste. The chocolate in it was delightfully hot, and I was cooing in delight as it spilled out and I scooped it up with my spoon and into my mouth. The chocolate was so smooth and it felt so good as it slid down my throat... ooh la la.

Sliced Mangoes with Ice-Cream

The foodie representative from Hong Kong had this, and we found the mangoes to be very fresh and sweet. There were a lot of assorted jellies that certainly added flavour and even more sweetness to this dessert.

Iced Mango with... More Mangoes

One of the girls had this, and she found it to be pretty good. That's a lot of ice to get through though hahaha. Like Parthenia's dessert (above), this had assorted jellies hidden at the bottom as well.

Mango Rolls with Mango Puree

The third but the best of all the mango desserts. Mango slices in glutinous rice wrap with thick and super sweet puree. This was so good we all ordered one more (there were however a total of four chocolate soufflés being ordered as well, making the soufflé the dessert of the night).

Chocolate Pudding with Ice-Cream and Sliced Bananas

I was told the pudding was a bit too diluted and not chocolatey enough. The fresh bananas and chocolate fudge sauce did help a bit though.

Boring Dessert

We were joking that this has to be the most boring of the lot, but Nayan tried to convince us that it was the "best" dessert of the night. Try harder friend haha! Grass jellies and ice-cream, that's all there is to it.

HK$35 for the chocolate soufflé
HK$25 for the sliced mangoes with ice-cream
HK$26 for the mango rolls with mango puree
HK$25 for the chocolate pudding with ice-cream and sliced bananas

Kowloon City. I know, it's huge, but it's near Cambo Thai.

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