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Hong Kong: Ben & Jerry's

25 January 2009

Hey everyone! It's been such a looong time since I've foodblogged, but that's really because I was away in Hong Kong for a week for the Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference 2009 and just got back a few days ago. I had a really really great time with the people, the sights, the weather and of course, the food! Thing is, we didn't get to eat that much of Hong Kong cuisines as we would like to, much because we were often stuck at our conference venues. You won't see as many food posts as I did for Bangkok, but I do hope you'd enjoy what little food places I've covered in Hong Kong!

The first food that I tasted in Hong Kong wasn't dim sum or some Chinese food, but Ben & Jerry's ice-cream! I was so excited to see so many new flavours, and I do hope they will bring some of them to Singapore soon! I tried two flavours in Hong Kong (in two separate occasions) and here they are:

Triple Caramel Chunk

This definitely goes up next to my all-time favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Not only does it have chocolate chip chunks in it like Cookie Dough, it also has thick streams of caramel in the ice-cream that just gets you high at every spoonful! Heavenly sweet indeed.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

Another sinful mix, but sinning can be very delicious sometimes heh. I enjoyed this a lot, even if it's very thick and can have a dry after-effect on your throat. You would need lots of iced water to accompany this flavour.

Whether in Singapore or Hong Kong, the girls from Ben & Jerry's always have the widest and brightest of smiles.

Around HK$28 for a small cup.

Sha Tin New Town Plaza

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